The research group of Atom/Molecule Collision Dynamics is a team dedicated on the frontier of atomic/molecular physics. Our interests mainly focus on studies of 1) collisions between highly charged ion/electron/XUV and atom/molecule/clusters; 2) ultra-cold plasma and strong coupling effect; 3) laser-cooled relativistic ion beams; and 4) precision spectroscope of the cold highly-charged ions in storage ring and the short-lived rear isotopic atoms. Scientific funds include the National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973 Program), the National Key Research and Development Program, the National Fund Committee Key Project, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Fund Project. We have close collaboration with GSI, Jena Institute of Helm Hertz, MPIK of Max Planck Institute of Physics, German Giessen University, University of Düsseldorf, MSU of Missouri University of Science and Technology, SPSU of St. Petersburg University and so on.